Time tracking at your fingertips

When Helvetia Luxury Watches came to us they had a website that was promoting their luxury watches but there wasn't a possibility to

THE expert community

create a solution for promoting and sustaining a B2B platform where communication between companies is key for the business

Consistent Communication across multiple sub brands

How to communicate different specialized services as a small business without large budgets?

Repositioning of a well known Brand

how does a company change after over 15 years of print and media business?

A new way to manage time

Our challenge was that DB Schenker needed to improve the efficiency of personnel allocation to its logistic routes and good transportation. Due to the fact...

Complex Logistics Information Made Easy

Logistics processes and how customer online order gets delivered is quite complex.

Wild Fashion reinvented themselves

Wild Fashion wanted a brand new image that attracts new customer segments by introducing a radical new design and branding. We were asked to develop a new...

Addressing the elderly generation

Moving the elderly generation to the internet might look easier as it is.

we worked with

we worked with

Reduce bureaucracy. Increase productivity.

We worked with Amplifier Strategies for Innovate Benefits, a national player in the insurance business.

Redefined digital catalogs

Show an online version of weekly printed catalogs and connect the products with an external couponing system as well as a smartphone app.

we worked with

we worked with

An online campaign and three moto2 riders

Motoscount24 wanted to impress the crowd as it attended for the first time the largest Moto trade fair in Switzerland.

we worked with

Thanks to all who contributed to this project! Everything's working great at the convention. I'll post some pictures here once I'm working at the convention myself

Florian Walther Marketing

Sense of Beauty

Knowing that rebranding is a necessary step in any business, Cupio asked us to develop a new design for their website.

we worked with

…you already know that DB Schenker RO is really pleased with the product. It is actually above what we expected at the beginning. Regarding both, quality and functionality.

Timm Schorsch Project Manager

Local news Swiss wide impact

SüdostSchweiz Group had all its digital properties running on old software that was hard to maintain...

we worked with

we worked with

Classifieds application as an addon to the core services

Medianet is building vertical portals focused around marketing.

"epoint has implemented on schedule, a modern online store solution for our customers and successfully connected the interfaces to our e-commerce platform. The project management has guided the project at all times, and the developers were very competent. The implementation of our needs and desires as well as the communication during the project worked very well.“

Thomas Küffer Project Manager

we worked with

Acting like the big fish

How can you help fishermen families grow their business and contribute to a more efficient type of fishing?

we worked with

Interface Design for a revolutionary Domain Driven Framework

Create the user interface elements for an upcoming framework tool

we worked with

Epoint is Amplifier Strategies' partner of choice when it comes to developing web applications. Their team and ours work together seamlessly. The epoint team does more than develop. They add value to the product by making relevant suggestions for each use case we develop together. They have an attention to detail and quality that meets the highest standards. But most of all, we trust them. They've been there for us in crunch time, every time.

Allison Duncan CEO

Perspectives on Operational Planning

DB Schenker needed to improve the efficiency of planning and reporting of...

New interface for remarketing

We were delighted to work with Unite, a Californian based company, that provides tracking software for some of the largest advertisers in the world.

we worked with

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We are a digital agency that offers e-business solutions tailored to your online needs. In other words, we develop: e-commerce applications, communication websites and custom business applications. Since 2000, our team has worked for top companies from: Switzerland, United States, Germany, Austria and Romania.

During those 15 years we focused our attention and experience working on projects that improved and grew businesses in the online environment. We achieved the maturity and skills that makes us a reliable partner for your growing online business.

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