New interface for remarketing

Actually nobody loves advertising, but we would all like to have more relevant advertising shown to us. For getting better at deciding what is relevant for who, we developed an intuitive user interface for managing big data.
Client challenge: 
We had the honor to work with Unite, a Californian based company, that provides tracking software for some of the largest advertisers in the world. They asked us to provide a front-end application that describes in an easy way, the huge amount of data that they track with their systems. Mainly user tracking across different large sites and portals.
epoint solution: 
We rolled up our sleeves and developed a rich interface using the latest available technologies in terms of big data visualisations. The platform uses the data provided by the back-end systems in form of JSON objects that are interpreted and visualized in form of dynamic graphs.
Client Benefits: 
By checking those simple graphs, the advertisers can improve their spending strategies by sectioning the available information and following the trends of user activities. We are glad that our solution is currently used by some of the largest advertisers from UK and the US.