Wild Fashion reinvented themselves

Even in emerging markets where growth rates of 30% are not uncommon, a 100% growth per year is a great result. Doubling the conversion rate was the result of a complete rebranding and user interface redesign and implementation.
Client challenge: 
Wild Fashion wanted a brand new image that attracts new customer segments by introducing a radical new design and branding. We were asked to develop a new logo, corporate design including typography and a new color scheme, as well as, design and implementation for a new front-end store.
epoint solution: 
We developed a new logo, made a branding manual and designed the desktop and mobile version of the website. Based on the zurb/foundation framework we developed a new theme and integrate it in Magento. During the process we performed a technology and code audit for the whole e-commerce application.
Client Benefits: 
With the new design, Wild Fashion it’s now able to sell new product lines for the premium market segment. With the implemented solution our partners doubled their conversion rate.