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“Form follows function”, this is the principle that drives us in the design phase. In order to provide users with a clear and easy path in reaching their goals, it is vital to remain focused on their whole experience. We start creating the visual part of your project based on the information gathered in phase one. We focus on creating lively concepts, develop templates and the graphic look & feel.


The main idea and core concept behind having a corporate image is that everything a company does, everything it owns and everything it produces should reflect the values and aims of the business as a whole. Branding starts with your logo as your central element. Around that all other elements like pictures, fonts and colors must work together as your brand values. We define the general guidelines, usage rules for the logo, pictures and fonts for online and print communication.


We define the functionality and look & feel of the main assets of the project. These will define all future projects in order to have a consistent communication. In this stage we will have a better idea about how everything will come together and create a solid framework for the development phase.


At this phase we design the final layouts. Most of the web based projects designed today are going to be used on multiple devices. It is almost an industry „must“ that your layout is responsive and that the users have the same experience on whatever device they use. Together we validate how the elements flow on desktop, tablet and mobile layouts.