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The development phase is oriented towards specific goals and objectives in order to provide the needed functionality of the project. We know that every line code matters to the success of your online business.That’s why we focus on secure and well-built solutions.


This step regards software configuration for a better overall performance.Here we develop specific programs that store certain variables to which they need frequent access so that your project can be fully functional. To set up your environment for building various projects is a key factor in the whole process.


This is the birth seed of the live project. Accessing the right information from the database and integrating the information flow with other systems is part of the back end development. At this phase we focus on the functionality of the project. Back-end represents the core of the front end, the visible project.


Your project becomes alive at this step. The client-side development is perceived as 'making things pretty' and it is a valid comment since we do make things look good, as good-looking things sell better. In this phase we create the code that builds the visible part of the project and we make sure to recreate the screens designs from the design stage.


A functional test of the project it’s a certain must. At this phase we discover and fix all the eventual issues and bugs that can occur while using your project. We leave no place for errors and make sure that the project is fully operational.


A general software process can be customized according to specific requirements and characteristic of your project. The technology deployment makes geographic distance irrelevant, lowers the costs, enhance public perception and improves employee morale and education.